End of Year Goals – School work

As we are now almost halfway through April, the year is coming to an end. And with summer approaching, I have goals for the rest of the year that I would like to achieve.

–– School Work ––

1. My first goal is to work on time management skills. I would like to get my work done at least one day before it is due and by doing this, result in less stress from last-minute cramming.

2. I can achieve my time-management goal by turning my phone off or put it on airplane mode to limit distractions. This will allow me to focus and get my work done.

3. Another way I can work on my time management it to use my time on the weekends effectively. Typically, I leave my work for Sunday night however I have many upcoming volleyball tournaments on the weekend forcing me to schedule my work around it. I can do this by scheduling certain projects for different days so that all my work is not left for one day but instead spread out over the weekend.

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