CAS – Major Creativity

My Major Creativity for grade 8 is piano. I am currently in level 9 piano and have been taking piano since I was six years old.  My hope/ goal for piano is that by the end of grade 10 at school, I will finish all 10 level of piano.  I can achieve this goal by:

  • Practising piano for at least 2 hours every day, (more on the weekends)
  • Do at least one set of ear training every day
  • This year, I have used a personal elective on Thursday for piano. This extra time has been very useful and effective and will also help me to achieve this goal.

Some step to keep me on track and commit to these actions are

  • Practising piano right when I come home to get it finished early in the day
  • Writing down my practise times (how long I practise) to keep me on track

And some road block

  • Laziness
  • Too much homework for that night (usually because of procrastination; this can be avoided by spending my time wisely and getting more sleep)

Celebration: Every month (only if I keep on track with my goal and stay focused) I will allow myself a Netflix marathon

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