Camp Expectations

This year the grade 7’s are going to Anvil island. I am excited for camp because we can spend some time outdoors. I glad that we have some time ever year to just run away from the work and classes.  Camp is always very interesting for me because it is different every year. This year we are expected to go canoeing which I am very excited about. We have also been told that it is the first year that we have permission to go swimming in the ocean. I think camp is a great time for me to spend some time with my friends and to get to know others and meet the new students. I expect camp to be a time when we can go on hikes in our groups and look at nature and just enjoy the breeze and the smell of the forest. Camp is giving us an opportunity to connect to nature and get out of the city to enjoy the wonder of life. More importantly camp is giving me a chance to have fun and just enjoy my time.

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