Camp Reality

This years camp was as exciting as I excepted. I had time to spend with my friends and I even made a new friend. I enjoyed the food and the desserts where delicious. I was not really comfortable in our cabins because there were three wasp nests outside our cabin. Unlike most people I slept more comfortably outside on the second night then I did in our cabins. When we went hiking on the second day I got very tired. Everybody had to put all their strength and energy into the hike and when we got to the top we had a nice break and we took the time to take pictures. The rope swing was also very fun. I was very scared at first but my friends finally convinced me to go on. Nicole, Nina and I made a tarp altogether but none of us slept under it because the stars where so beautiful at night. Overall camp was a great experience and a great time for us to meet new students and make new friends.

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