Science Unit Test Reveiw

 1) How did I prepare for the unit test?

I think that I prepared well of the first science unit test. I made cue cards with questions and the answers on the back. I also made a set of cue cards with the formulas for different procedures. I read the textbook many times carefully and I think I did a good job preparing for the test.
2) Did I feel well prepare for the test?
I felt well prepared for the test because I studied hard and I understood the concepts that I was taught. Since I took notes in class the notes helped me revwie before the test and that id why I was confident.
3) What resources did I use to prepare?
I used the textbook and workbook and the additional resource page really helped. The online quizes really helped me see what questions might be on the test. The videos also helped and I think that I could not do the test without them.
4) What resources do I wish I had?
I wish that I had a couple more video’s because listening to people talking really helps me learn quickly. I am also a qinestetic learner so haveing a couple more experiments to do at home would have been nice too.

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