Term 2 Goals

In the beginning of the year, each student had the opportunity to create goals for the school year or term. I did not achieve all my goals but I did achieve some. For example I achieved my goal of developing my math skills. I wanted to achieve a 5 on my first report card and that is the mark that I got. My math skills were not very strong so achieving this goal was very exciting. My creativity goal was to practice piano for a decent amount each day and to work on improving. The main point in my goal was to finish level 3 by January. I took the exam for level 3 and I passed and this was a very happy moment for me. My goal for piano was only half complete because I did pass level 3 but I do believe that I should practice emote at home. I do not practice everyday and this is something I want to do in term 2. My athletics goal was to not miss any swimming classes. Due to my injury I gave missed many classes. I hope do basketball instead of swimming when my ankle heals because basketball is a passion of mine and swimming has never been something I enjoy. It has always been something I simply do. I want to convoke my parents to let my do a sport I enjoy and if not I will try to work hard for swimming. For service I have not volunteered at the Ava music centre but I have been doing MPS. I would like to start and volunteer at the music centre because I feel that it would be very fun to help the younger kids learn the way others taught me. i am proud of the goals I achieved in term 1 and I want to try very hard to achieve the goals that were not fully complete.

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