Report Card Term 1 Reflection

Overall, I am very proud of my report card this term. I was shocked to see that I made it to principals list because I did not expect anything higher than honour roll.  I was very happy with my math grade. Math is not my strongest subject and to receive a grade 5 was a great achievement. Unfortunately I was very disappointed to see a 5 on my grade for french. French has always been an easy subject for me and my grades this year were pretty high. I think that I deserved a 6 but this will be my goal for the next year. I have to get at least a 6 for my next report card. My overall goal is to only receive 6’s and 7’s for next term. Grade 8 is a lot harder than grade 7 was so I need to continue focusing on my studies. Moving forward, I need to be prepared for term 2 and reach for my goals.

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