Inside My Head

Recently we have watch Inside Out during Life and Learning and I have found it to be a very interesting film. Although it is a cartoon made for children it has a much stronger meaning that is about how your memories are what create your personality. I have reflected on what my 5 different personality “islands” would be and this is what I came too:

Family Island

My family means everything to me. The support of my family is what made me the person I am today. My family is the backbone to my personality. They are all there for me when I need a shoulder to cry on, or I need help making an important choice. I also know that no matter what happens in my life, my family is always there for me. Although I am an only child, my family is huge and spending my childhood in Iran really showed me the importance of family and how valuable your relatives are.

Friends Island

Friends are the key to happiness. I truly believe that I would not survive in the world without the great friends I have standing by my side. Sometimes you just need someone to talk to, laugh with, or even cry with. I trust my friends because I know that we will always be there for eachother and create great memories together. Not all my experience can be happy in life but with my friends even the hard ones can work out.

Music Island

Music is my way to release any feelings I have held back. There are somethings that you do not want to share with the world but you still need to let it out. Creating music is how I find time for myself to release all the emotions I secretly feel. When I play my guitar, I always play the songs that connect to my mood at that time. It does not matter if I am angry or happy or sad, no matter what emotion I feel, I can find a song to relate to it. Creating sounds and tones are what drive me. I listen to a wide range of music genres so I can experience all the different messages that the songwriters are sending.

Nature Island

Some people prefer to play video games or play sports indoors but I prefer to be out there in the real world. When I am in nature it gives me time to forget about everything going on and just focus on the present. Sometimes when I am stressed I need to go for bike ride around my neighborhood just to relax a bit. I feel as though I can be free in nature and if I had a bad day, I make sure to go out for a jog the next morning before school. I have come to realize that being in nature helps me settle down and be myself.

Education Island

I find it important to develop more knowledge. I love to learn, certain things. I understand that school is preparing us for university and life but I find it quite useless studying certain subject that I have no interest in. I have a great interest in science and would like to go to med school in the future and this is my learning is such a huge part of my life. My mind does not care about certain subject. My mind shuts down for studies I am not interested in but wakes up in science. My education is something that defines me and I am glad I know what I want to use my brain for.

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