This school year has been filled with many challenges but one thing that went smoothly was my creativity commitments. I am a person with many different interests but most of them are creative interests. This year I spent my time creatively working on:

  • Major: piano¬†(out of school)
  • Major: voice¬†(out of school)
  • Major: guitar (out of school)
  • Major: jazz choir (in-school)
  • Major: choir (in-school)

I have worked very hard on trying my best in all of these and I am proud of my success this year. Iw as not planning on playing the guitar but since I got a guitar for my birthday, I started playing ever day. I consider this to be a creative commitment because although I do not have a teacher, I work have been playing guitar daily since December 6th. I have never really committed to something that well before. I usually start something and kinda quit halfway and that is not a good habit but, achieving my creative goals this year showed me that hard work really does pay off.

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