Although it was been a very hectic year, I have always found time to say physically active. This year I have committed to a variety of physical activities, such as:

  • Major: Grade 8 Titans Volleyball Team (in-school)
  • Major: Volleyball Skills (out of school)
  • Major: Grade 8 & 9 Titans Basketball Team (in-school)
  • Major: U14 Mustangs (out of school)
  • Major: Masters Swim Program (out of school)

I think that I have done well on these activities because I am committed to attending all events and I find that last year it was a lot harder for me to commit so strongly. I think that staying physically active is something that is hard to do consistently because there is always work to do and it is hard to find time for yourself. This year I have really worked hard an making my action commitments stronger than they were last year and I genuinely believe that I have done a pretty good job.

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