Adventures in Cyprus

Over the Mulgrave May break this year, I had the pleasure of visiting the tremendous country of Cyprus. I have never really travelled much. Of course I am lucky to have gone to the United States, Turkey and of course Iran but, this trip was different than all the rest. I got to experience a culture so much different than my own. I find it pretty crazy how such a small country could have such an incredible environment. All the people were so kind to one another. People look out for each other in their small communities and I think that is what makes them so special. I also found it quite interesting how Cyprus is divided into the Turkish side and the Greek side. My family spent most of our time on the Greek side for this trip but we did visit the turkish side. It is strange to me how these two countries went at war so many years ago and still they are fighting over a small piece of land. Cyprus is so unique in its own way. Cities are merely 30mins apart since the country itself is smaller than Vancouver island. Also, I love love love greek food. So this trip really helped my cravings for greek salad. This trip really opened my eyes to let me see that sometimes when we are stressed with work or school, we just need to let go and have a little adventure. Because for the first time in forever, I meet that rush of not knowing what going to come next and I truly enjoyed it.

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