Report Card Term 1 Reflection

Overall, I am very proud of my report card this term. I was shocked to see that I made it to principals list because I did not expect anything higher than honour roll.  I was very happy with my math grade. Math is not my strongest subject and to receive a grade 5 was a great achievement. Unfortunately I was very disappointed to see a 5 on my grade for french. French has always been an easy subject for me and my grades this year were pretty high. I think that I deserved a 6 but this will be my goal for the next year. I have to get at least a 6 for my next report card. My overall goal is to only receive 6’s and 7’s for next term. Grade 8 is a lot harder than grade 7 was so I need to continue focusing on my studies. Moving forward, I need to be prepared for term 2 and reach for my goals.

Term 2 Goals

In the beginning of the year, each student had the opportunity to create goals for the school year or term. I did not achieve all my goals but I did achieve some. For example I achieved my goal of developing my math skills. I wanted to achieve a 5 on my first report card and that is the mark that I got. My math skills were not very strong so achieving this goal was very exciting. My creativity goal was to practice piano for a decent amount each day and to work on improving. The main point in my goal was to finish level 3 by January. I took the exam for level 3 and I passed and this was a very happy moment for me. My goal for piano was only half complete because I did pass level 3 but I do believe that I should practice emote at home. I do not practice everyday and this is something I want to do in term 2. My athletics goal was to not miss any swimming classes. Due to my injury I gave missed many classes. I hope do basketball instead of swimming when my ankle heals because basketball is a passion of mine and swimming has never been something I enjoy. It has always been something I simply do. I want to convoke my parents to let my do a sport I enjoy and if not I will try to work hard for swimming. For service I have not volunteered at the Ava music centre but I have been doing MPS. I would like to start and volunteer at the music centre because I feel that it would be very fun to help the younger kids learn the way others taught me. i am proud of the goals I achieved in term 1 and I want to try very hard to achieve the goals that were not fully complete.


I think that service means doing something to help another person. I also believe that service should be something you volunteer for but real service is something you do not actually want to do. I believe that if you enjoy doing something you are just doing it for fun even if it does feel good to do something for someone else. If you are just doing it so you can have fun then it is not real service. Service is something that you do for someone else that you do without being told to do. Service means helping someone to get the job done faster or to support there cause, Service should not be easy. It should be something that is difficult to do . That is what I think service is.