This school year has been filled with many challenges but one thing that went smoothly was my creativity commitments. I am a person with many different interests but most of them are creative interests. This year I spent my time creatively working on:

  • Major: piano¬†(out of school)
  • Major: voice¬†(out of school)
  • Major: guitar (out of school)
  • Major: jazz choir (in-school)
  • Major: choir (in-school)

I have worked very hard on trying my best in all of these and I am proud of my success this year. Iw as not planning on playing the guitar but since I got a guitar for my birthday, I started playing ever day. I consider this to be a creative commitment because although I do not have a teacher, I work have been playing guitar daily since December 6th. I have never really committed to something that well before. I usually start something and kinda quit halfway and that is not a good habit but, achieving my creative goals this year showed me that hard work really does pay off.

Whistler Cantando Music Festival 2016


On April 28 the middle school musical groups drove up to Whistler for a music festival. Four days of performances and clinics went pretty well. It was a little frightening to perform in front of all of those professional judicators but I think that everybody did a really good job. I am so proud of myself and all of my fellow choir members. We got gold for concert choir which is a really great accomplishment. Jazz choir also did very well. I think that the best part of whistler was probably spending a little time with our friends away from school while also enjoying our passion for music. It was a great experience that I cannot wait to relive next year.

Whistler Cantando Music Festival

Last weekend, the Middle School Concert Choir attended the Cantando Music Festival. I had the privilege of performing with many different choirs form across Canada. Our choir sand the songs Handsome Butcher, Apple Apple, Mairi’s Wedding and Brave. I was so happy to sing a solo in brave and it was fun to finish our performance with that song. I had the first few lines of the song so I was very nervous. Watching other choir’s perform was also very interesting because we got to learn from different performers. I personally thought that our Middle School Jazz Band was incredible at the festival. The different activates at the festival were so enjoyable. The first night, we all thought that ballroom dancing would be boring but it turned out to be really fun and entertaining. The mass choir performance was a great experience because we got to see what it was like to sing with 100’s of people who share the same passion as you, and Fix You by Coldplay is one of my favourite songs, so it was great to perform that song. Overall, the visit to whistler for the Cantando Music Festival was amazing.