CAS Checkout

So far in the year, I have been doing well for my CAS requirements. For creativity I played piano constantly and as a bonus I passed my piano exam. For minor creativity I did not have time to work on some architectural designs but I do have Middle School Concert Choir as a major as well. For athletics I had joined the volleyball and basketball team and they have ended now but I have joined Mustangs to stay consistent. For the service portion I was planning on volunteering at the Ava Music Centre but the times did not work so MPS is now my major. My minor is to volunteer at different school invents and I have been doing that.

CAS Plan for 2014/2015

My CAS goals for the year overall is to really stay focused and improve on my sports, arts and to do more service. Since I really enjoy working to help others, I want my main CAS to be about working on helping others.


Major: Playing the piano

Minor: Designing house plans


Major: Volleyball

Major: Swimming


Major: Volunteering to work with younger kids at the Ava music and Arts Centre.

Minor: Volunteering for activities in the school.