Wizard if Oz Paragraphs

If you had to choose between a brain and a heart, which would you choose and why?

In my opinion it is better if a person has a heart. If you have a heart then your would be able to express emotions. To me the question about either a heart or brain is similar to asking me if I’d rather have money or my loved ones. If you have brains then you have the ability to use it. If you use your brain then you can succeed in life but nobody would care if you have succeeded because you don’t have a heart and in the end you have won nothing. If you have brains who would your share them with? Your heart can mean that you have kindness and empathy. Sometimes it means you care for others and their emotions. You can be giving and thoughtful and not only care about humans but also you may be aware of the safety of your own environment. In the story The Wizard Of Oz the character of the Tin Man believes that he does not have a heart but he does have emotions and feelings because during the journey he accidentally placed his tin foot onto a ant and killed it. The tin man showed that he does have a heart by showing that he cares when the ant died. He was very careful for the rest of the journey to not step on anymore living creatures and the feeling of empathy and guilt he showed was strong . Having a heart can also mean that you have people to love and soon enough, people who love you back. Love, empathy, kindness, caring are all things you could be if you have a heart but you might not be able to express any emotions if you only gain intelligence with your brain. The reasons of why a heart is more necessary compared to a brain are endless but in my opinion the heart is more important and needed than a brain.

What is the Theme of The Wizard of Oz?

The theme or moral of the story of The Wizard of Oz tells the reader that not everything you want is always needed. Sometimes we may ask for things we already may have. In the story the character the lion want to ask the wizard of Oz for courage but frankly in the 7th chapter of the book the lion jumps over a very deep cliff onto the other side multiple times and he shows courage by doing so. The character of the Tin Man also goes on the journey to ask the great Oz for a heart but throughout the journey he shows that he does have a heart because when he accidentally steps onto a small ant on the way he feels so bad and he is guilty. For the rest of their journey the Tin Man was very carful to not hurt anymore living beings on the journey and to do so he showed empathy and kindness and without a heart he could not do so. The character of the Scare Crow also wanted to ask the Wizard of Oz for a brain but he shows that he does have a brain many times during the book. On their journey the Tin Man’s jaw at on point in the book cannot move and the Scare Crow was smart enough to grab the oil can and help the Tin Man. I feel that maybe the Scare Crow did not want brains but he wanted knowledge and this shows that sometimes what you think you want you may already have but you may actually want something else. Over I believe that the theme of the story is that you may already have the things that you really want.

Based on my feedback I feel that I can make more connections to the world around me and also to avoid contractions at all costs. I also think that I need to be more clear about my point and explain more clearly. Over all I am proud of my mark and I hope to improve next time.


Term 2 Math Reflection

imageTerm 2 Math Reflection

In the math chapters 9, 11 and 12 I learned all about decimals, operations with decimals and measurement. In the decimals unit I had a detailed review about decimals since I had done them so much in my other grades and classes. Most concepts where not necessarily easy but  easily understandable. I found that I may have had trouble using the number line in this unit. I wasn’t very sure of what to exactly do and how it is represented but I soon understood. The other concepts were not challenging but also were not easy. I just had to practice. In chapter 11 I learned all about operations with decimals. It’s was mainly straight forward but I may have needed it review it over more before the test date. Most concepts were a little challenging but I understood all. Some of the concepts were very challenging. I did not necessarily understand it very clearly but at the protest we did I got a more detailed explanation which prepared me for the test later on in the week. I also had some trouble in the terminating and recurring decimals section. It was a bit confusing for me but the more work I did the easier it got. Over I do think that chapter 12 was the most difficult. Measurement has always been a weakness of mine but I do feel that is has strongly improved this year. Measurement for me is a tricky concept and this year I was able to understand and remember all the information I was given. When the perimeter section started I thought that I would get everything wrong because perimeter and area have always been a huge weakness of mine in math. This time I understood perfectly fine all about perimeter and the operation. I feel that I have really improved in this unit compared to last year and I hope to keep working and improving on my math all the way till the days that I am no longer capable of remembering many thing. Which is in a very long time.

Pacific Blue Colour Collage


Pacific Blue                                 By Nikki Ebrahimi
This study of blue illustrates me because it is relaxing and filled with energy at the same time. Some of the images I included are different sports equipment and a mountain. They are important to me because the mountain reminds me of the memories in our farm in Iran which is near mount Damavand. The line of sparkles coming out of the mans are represent magic. Fairytales are a huge part of my life because it brings back so many childhood memories in Iran. When I was learning about multiple intelligences, I recognized that I have strength in Bodily kinaesthetic intelligence and musical intelligence. One of my talents and strengths are singing and playing the piano. I am also strong in the sport volleyball and in swimming. I represented these intelligences by adding musical notes and sports balls to my art piece. I used the colour light blue after I found out more about how colours are perceived in different cultures and in the media. I chose this colour because it is a representation of me in a way that I am usually a calm person. There are different shades and tones of this colour: for example azure, and celeste are all part of the blue family. I chose the shades celeste and Bondi blue because ­­­­­­­­­I wanted to create a bit of contrast and the celeste is bright and energetic while the Bondi blue is calm.

Grade Six Loon Lake Camp


At the Grade six Loon Lake camp, the MYP teachers came and did a couple activities with us so we have a clearer understanding of some MYP concepts. The first activity my group did was the Paper Air Plane activity. We had to design a paper air plane in our pairs and we would be marked using the rubric method in the MYP. There were four categories and at each category you could have a maximum of eight marks. Mr. Jones and Mr.Rohan taught us that in each subject the categories are different and that next year they might change the amount of marks you could get in one category. Mr.Jones told us that in each subject the amount of marks you could get varies among subjects and it is very confusing that in one class you got five out of seven and in another class you got six out of nine. I feel that this activity has really helped me improve my knowledge of the MYP rubrics. Another activity we did was the Nature Art with Mr.Hearty and Mr. . At this station we learned about looking at things from different perspectives. In this situation we could do abstract art or we could do realistic art. We could use something that is already made in nature or we could build something made out of nature. You could also build something around nature. This activity helped me understand that you could do one thing in many different ways. It has also helped me understand one of the aspects of the MYP. Another activity we had was the Speed Debating with Mr. Cusbert and Mrs. Roy. We learned about speaking about what we know and using our background knowledge to help us out. We also learned how to think quickly but also be careful of the specific wording you use. I also learned that in in a small period of time it is not always easy to come up with creative and detailed ideas but it might be something you will learn in the MYP. Our finale activity was the Barbie Bongy Jumping. We learned how to use trails and to always find the average in situations like this and how to make and educated guess. We hade to test different lengths and we learned how to work with new knowledge to again make an educated guess. The trails also taught use that you don’t always have the same answer the second time you do the same thing. I learned many new things in this activity but I also had a small review on how to use a hypothesis. This activity taught me many new things but was also a nice review for me. In conclusion I feel that these activities taught us a lot about the MYP systems in many different possible ways. I really enjoy the small glimpse into the MYP and I know that this knowledge will really help me next year and in further years in the MYP.

At the Grade six Loon Lake camp we also did many fun activities in our activity groups. From High Ropes to Archery I loved every single activity we had. At the High ropes activity I honestly was very frightened. I am very afraid of highs but I learned it take risks and do what I can. The day before I hurt my leg and it was difficult for me to climb the net wall but I did as much as I could. I also had a small struggle because of my pain in the Rock Climbing activity but camp was all about risk taking and I took risks and did my best. In the Orienteering activity my group did not exactly know what we were doing but we got the hang of it and started getting on track. I enjoyed learning how to use a compass properly. Camp was a great learning experience and it was exciting and thrilling for me.