Whistler Cantando Music Festival

Last weekend, the Middle School Concert Choir attended the Cantando Music Festival. I had the privilege of performing with many different choirs form across Canada. Our choir sand the songs Handsome Butcher, Apple Apple, Mairi’s Wedding and Brave. I was so happy to sing a solo in brave and it was fun to finish our performance with that song. I had the first few lines of the song so I was very nervous. Watching other choir’s perform was also very interesting because we got to learn from different performers. I personally thought that our Middle School Jazz Band was incredible at the festival. The different activates at the festival were so enjoyable. The first night, we all thought that ballroom dancing would be boring but it turned out to be really fun and entertaining. The mass choir performance was a great experience because we got to see what it was like to sing with 100’s of people who share the same passion as you, and Fix You by Coldplay is one of my favourite songs, so it was great to perform that song. Overall, the visit to whistler for the Cantando Music Festival was amazing.

CAS Checkout

So far in the year, I have been doing well for my CAS requirements. For creativity I played piano constantly and as a bonus I passed my piano exam. For minor creativity I did not have time to work on some architectural designs but I do have Middle School Concert Choir as a major as well. For athletics I had joined the volleyball and basketball team and they have ended now but I have joined Mustangs to stay consistent. For the service portion I was planning on volunteering at the Ava Music Centre but the times did not work so MPS is now my major. My minor is to volunteer at different school invents and I have been doing that.

Term 2 Goals

In the beginning of the year, each student had the opportunity to create goals for the school year or term. I did not achieve all my goals but I did achieve some. For example I achieved my goal of developing my math skills. I wanted to achieve a 5 on my first report card and that is the mark that I got. My math skills were not very strong so achieving this goal was very exciting. My creativity goal was to practice piano for a decent amount each day and to work on improving. The main point in my goal was to finish level 3 by January. I took the exam for level 3 and I passed and this was a very happy moment for me. My goal for piano was only half complete because I did pass level 3 but I do believe that I should practice emote at home. I do not practice everyday and this is something I want to do in term 2. My athletics goal was to not miss any swimming classes. Due to my injury I gave missed many classes. I hope do basketball instead of swimming when my ankle heals because basketball is a passion of mine and swimming has never been something I enjoy. It has always been something I simply do. I want to convoke my parents to let my do a sport I enjoy and if not I will try to work hard for swimming. For service I have not volunteered at the Ava music centre but I have been doing MPS. I would like to start and volunteer at the music centre because I feel that it would be very fun to help the younger kids learn the way others taught me. i am proud of the goals I achieved in term 1 and I want to try very hard to achieve the goals that were not fully complete.

My personality

During Life & Learning, we did a quiz on our personality. The results of this quiz for me was ENFJ ( The Protagonist ). I leaned many things during this class and a few were very useful.

Under the category  of  career paths, I leanred that I would be more likely to get a job that helps people. My personality is a type that my actions are always made to please people. Job’s such as teaching, counselling or politics came up for my personality.

Under the category of strength and weaknesses, it shows all of my personal weakness and strengths. A strength was that people with this personality is that you are tolerant and reliable. You are also charismatic and natural leaders. A weakness can mean that I am too sensitive and too selfless.


I think that overall this test helped me figure out what I might want to do when I am older.


Study habits ~ 2 stars, 1 wish

Homework can sometimes be hard to deal with. Study habit have their own way of developing along the way. Whether they are positive or negative is your choice. One of my positive study habits  is that I do my homework first thing when I get home from school. I do this so I can be relaxed for the rest if the day but ti is hard when I sometimes get home late. Another positive study habit I have is that I always have a small snack beside me. I do this to keep my energy up and  stay focused. One thing that is a negative study habit is that I get easily distracted by electronics or friends. I can also get distracted when I suddenly remember something and that makes me zone out and I forget what I was doing very easily. Overall I do have some positive and negative study habits but everybody does.


I think that service means doing something to help another person. I also believe that service should be something you volunteer for but real service is something you do not actually want to do. I believe that if you enjoy doing something you are just doing it for fun even if it does feel good to do something for someone else. If you are just doing it so you can have fun then it is not real service. Service is something that you do for someone else that you do without being told to do. Service means helping someone to get the job done faster or to support there cause, Service should not be easy. It should be something that is difficult to do . That is what I think service is.

My Values

This week in Life and Learning we were discussing what our most treasured values are. That is when I started to think a lot about my values, I decided that the thing I value most is definitely my family. I was born in Vancouver but at two months old my parents brought me to Iran. I grew up with my family all around me. my cousins where my best friends and the time I spent with them was the best time of my life. when we came back to Vancouver and only went to Iran for vocation visits. This made we realize how amazing the time i spent with my family was and when we go back on winter and summer vocations I try to cherish every moment. Family is 100% the most important and most valued thing in my life.
Secondly I also value my education very much. When I go to Iran I see many children who live on the streets. My parents always fought me to be grateful of the opportunities and options I have. My dad once told me that I can do anything I want to but those kids ont he street can not do anything but hope for someone to put a penny in their hat. I always try to do my best i school and I am so blessed to have such wonderful people in my life to prepare me for my adulthood. I cannot imagine my life without going to school and learning different materials I will need to be a successful adult. I may not be the Einstein of the school but I do understand the importance of education and how I should try hard.
Friends are defiantly one of my top values. I had some struggles with some people a little while ago but my friends that stood by me are my true friends. My true friends always support me when I do not feel confident. They are like my cheerleading squad for when I am down. My friends are something that I could not imagine my life without and even though we get in arguments I know that we will always be there for each other.
I also value basketball. I also play volleyball but basketball gives me this different feeling of teamwork that is just not the same. I am also on a competitive swim team but playing basketball on a team is very different. basketball Helped me become closer to some people who were not my best friends. It is also one of my ways of staying active and healthy and it is something I try to improve everyday. Basketball has developed me as a person and it is something that I will continue to do.

Science Unit Test Reveiw

 1) How did I prepare for the unit test?

I think that I prepared well of the first science unit test. I made cue cards with questions and the answers on the back. I also made a set of cue cards with the formulas for different procedures. I read the textbook many times carefully and I think I did a good job preparing for the test.
2) Did I feel well prepare for the test?
I felt well prepared for the test because I studied hard and I understood the concepts that I was taught. Since I took notes in class the notes helped me revwie before the test and that id why I was confident.
3) What resources did I use to prepare?
I used the textbook and workbook and the additional resource page really helped. The online quizes really helped me see what questions might be on the test. The videos also helped and I think that I could not do the test without them.
4) What resources do I wish I had?
I wish that I had a couple more video’s because listening to people talking really helps me learn quickly. I am also a qinestetic learner so haveing a couple more experiments to do at home would have been nice too.

CAS Plan for 2014/2015

My CAS goals for the year overall is to really stay focused and improve on my sports, arts and to do more service. Since I really enjoy working to help others, I want my main CAS to be about working on helping others.


Major: Playing the piano

Minor: Designing house plans


Major: Volleyball

Major: Swimming


Major: Volunteering to work with younger kids at the Ava music and Arts Centre.

Minor: Volunteering for activities in the school.


Camp Reality

This years camp was as exciting as I excepted. I had time to spend with my friends and I even made a new friend. I enjoyed the food and the desserts where delicious. I was not really comfortable in our cabins because there were three wasp nests outside our cabin. Unlike most people I slept more comfortably outside on the second night then I did in our cabins. When we went hiking on the second day I got very tired. Everybody had to put all their strength and energy into the hike and when we got to the top we had a nice break and we took the time to take pictures. The rope swing was also very fun. I was very scared at first but my friends finally convinced me to go on. Nicole, Nina and I made a tarp altogether but none of us slept under it because the stars where so beautiful at night. Overall camp was a great experience and a great time for us to meet new students and make new friends.