Term 2 Math Reflection

imageTerm 2 Math Reflection

In the math chapters 9, 11 and 12 I learned all about decimals, operations with decimals and measurement. In the decimals unit I had a detailed review about decimals since I had done them so much in my other grades and classes. Most concepts where not necessarily easy but ¬†easily understandable. I found that I may have had trouble using the number line in this unit. I wasn’t very sure of what to exactly do and how it is represented but I soon understood. The other concepts were not challenging but also were not easy. I just had to practice. In chapter 11 I learned all about operations with decimals. It’s was mainly straight forward but I may have needed it review it over more before the test date. Most concepts were a little challenging but I understood all. Some of the concepts were very challenging. I did not necessarily understand it very clearly but at the protest we did I got a more detailed explanation which prepared me for the test later on in the week. I also had some trouble in the terminating and recurring decimals section. It was a bit confusing for me but the more work I did the easier it got. Over I do think that chapter 12 was the most difficult. Measurement has always been a weakness of mine but I do feel that is has strongly improved this year. Measurement for me is a tricky concept and this year I was able to understand and remember all the information I was given. When the perimeter section started I thought that I would get everything wrong because perimeter and area have always been a huge weakness of mine in math. This time I understood perfectly fine all about perimeter and the operation. I feel that I have really improved in this unit compared to last year and I hope to keep working and improving on my math all the way till the days that I am no longer capable of remembering many thing. Which is in a very long time.