CAS Plan for 2015/2016

For my CAS plan this year I have most of my majors in service, creativity and active. Below is a list of my CAS commitments and how long they run for the duration of the year.


Major: Piano (Duration is from September to July, all year around)

Minor: Piano Performance (Date is still undecided, someday in February)

Minor/Major: Set design for the Mulgrave Peter Pan production



Major: Tennis (September to June,all year around)

Major: Duke of Ed (Silver, all year around)

Minor: Mulgrave swim team (From September 27th till December)



Major: Peer advising (September till July, all year around)

Major: Model UN (All year around)

Minor: Mulgrave Junior swim team coaching (December to February)

Minor: Southland’s country fair (September 13th)


I am also signing up for MERT, and depending on whether or not I get in will clarify my service for next year.




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