Summer Progress on Personal Project

For Personal Project I have chosen to write a series of short stories, accompanied by a few sketches. These stories will of five different genres, with two genres being included inĀ one story. The chosen genres are realistic fiction, military fiction, murder mystery and dark/urban fantasy. My advisor is Mr. Cusbert.

Over the summer I read through multiple short story novels and took notes on the formatting of the stories. I created and wrote two of the four stories, which were the murder mystery along with the dark/urban fantasy.

These are now in the editing process as I begin to write my third story, which is the realistic fiction. My overall goal for now is to use a different narratives in each of the stories. This means writing in first person, third person (omniscient and limited) and even second person.

So far sketches have not been completed because i’m still debating on how certain characters and settings look.

When all the stories have been fully edited and sketches are complete i’m going to have a copy of the book published so everything will be more orthodox.

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