New Service Opportunity! + MERT

This seems a bit late but I got my results back for the CityFest application. I made it onto the committee. From now I’ll be attending weekly meetings, along with other personal meeting dates in order to work towards getting our sponsors, whom will be providing cash prizes for members of the skateboarding competition aspect of City Fest (our main goal is to get the Boardroom to become a sponsor this year). I have a meeting coming up this Thursday to discuss our pitch to them.


As for MERT, I had my interview last Friday with Mr. Gilley. There are only 8 spots for people to be on MERT, and right now at least 23 people have signed up. I have to wait for the interviews to all be finished before seeing if wether or not I got one of the spots. Mr. Gilley also stated that all teachers will be asked on their opinions on each applicant and if wether or not they are qualified to be on MERT. Until that happens, I guess I’ll have to be extra friendly to all of my teachers, maybe offer bribes. I’m kidding with that last part….mostly. No but seriously, at this point hopefully I have shown to my teachers that I am a hard working responsible student, and that I am qualified to make it onto the MERT team.

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