Grade 4’s Love Orienteering!

The Physical Health Education and Outdoor Education Departments have been working together to offer more outdoor education within physical education curriculum. As part of this initiative, the grade 4s classes had an orienteering unit within in PE. Orienteering is a sport where participants navigate from point to point using navigational skills and a map. As part of their orienteering unit, the grade 4s had two in class lessons. In these lessons they learned about cardinal directions and map reading. They were then able to apply these skills via an orienteering course at Princess Park.

On April 12, 2018 the entire grade 4 class went to Princess Park where they participated in orienteering activities. The weather was on our side and the sun decided to surprise us (it was the only time the sun was out all week!). We started the day by reviewing map reading skills. Students were then placed in groups of 4 and were given a map. Their task for the day was to navigated through the various course loops that were set up for them to navigate. Teamwork and communication were also emphasized, as these skills were necessary for the teams to find the correct series of checkpoints. All the Mulgrave staff were truly impressed with how quickly the grade 4s were able to pick up map reading skills.

There are many ways that students can stay involved in orienteering and continue to work on their navigation skills while having fun. The Orienteering Adventure Kids club is a local orienteering group for children and youth. For more information on how to get a child or youth involved please visit



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  1. Julia Lawn April 26, 2018 at 9:19 AM |

    Love to see outdoor ed integrated with physical education classes and this is a GREAT skill for kids to have (and fun)! Future Barkley marathoners???

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