Summit 2 Kayaks the Gulf Islands

Every year, students in the Summit 2 elective go on a culminating expedition. This year the class went on a three day kayak expedition, which started at the False Narrows off Gabriola Island and ending at Pirate’s Cove on De Courcy Island. This opportunity allowed students to apply the outdoor skills that they learned throughout the year.

The success of any trip begins with preparation. Before the expedition, students learned how to read tide and current tables, how to read charts, and how calculate which direction the current was going in relation to the direction that we needed to kayak. In the preparation phase, the students figured out that the current was going to be against us while kayaking from Gabriola Island to Pirate’s Cove. Summit 2 also learned that you can prepare as much as you can but one thing you can’t predict is the direction of the wind! Luckily, we were able to learn that on the water and day 1 had students asking “I’m paddling so much, but are we even moving”? We had to be moving because we eventually made our way to Pirate’s Cove on De Curse Island.

Day two of the expedition started with a hike around the Pirate Cove loop trail. The trail treated us with beautiful views, lots of opportunity to see marine life, and even a treasure chest. After this hike, students worked in their tent groups to make a “proposal” of where the group should kayak the rest of the day. Students needed to use inquiry and problem solving skills to figure out where it was best to kayak. They took into consideration the wind direction, current direction and when the current direction changes, and the distance the group was able to kayak before dinner. After hearing all the very impressive proposals, we decided to kayak around Ruxton Island, with a stop in Herring Bay to see some amazing marine life, and return to Pirate’s Cove.

On day 3, the group woke up at 5:00am to be able to get on the water by 7:00am. Much to the teacher’s surprise, It was at 5:00am the students really showed the outdoor skills that they have learned during their time in Summit 2 and at Mulgrave. They may have been half asleep, but we saw healthy meals being cooked, tents being broke down in record time, boats being packed and boats being moved to the water as a team, and students on the water by 7:00am! Great job Summit 2, way to make your teachers proud.


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    Thanks for sharing these great photos!!

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