Duke of Edinburgh

Founded in 1956 by Prince Philip, this worldwide programme allows youths to develop a sense of responsibility to themselves and to their community.

Over 30,000 Canadians between the ages of 14 and 25 are currently participating in this Young Canadians Challenge.  Three levels of awards are available with the minimum entry age for the Bronze level is 14 years, Silver is 15 years and 16 years for Gold.  The four fundamental requirements that students must fulfill to receive the awards are: 1. Service; 2. Adventurous Journey; 3. Skill; 4. Physical Activity.

Our goal at Mulgrave is to provide students with numerous opportunities to fulfill the requirements of their chosen level by using school based activities in the Middle Years Programme and the Diploma Programme.  It is an exciting opportunity for students to combine their service hours, athletics and sense of adventure!   Expeditions are organised at all three skill levels annually. We currently have over 60 students enrolled in the Duke of Edinburgh Programme.

Expeditions are chosen, planned and conducted by the students with guidance from staff.  Prior to these trips the students gain skills and experience to successfully plan and complete each expedition. While out on the trips the students satisfy the required hours of activity and are self-sufficient, cooking their own food and setting up/taking down the camp each day. The students come home with a sense of accomplishment, new bonds created with fellow schoolmates and a desire to follow the Duke of Edinburgh continuum to the Gold Level.

2014-2015 Trips:

New Award Submission Forms
To reflect the International Award standards, we have new Award submission forms that will be replacing the old application forms. Once downloaded, these forms can be filled in electronically and then printed to add the signatures (they are not editable in an internet browser).Included with these forms is a new check-list that corresponds with the International standards.

New Bronze Submission Form
New Silver Submission Form
New Gold Submission Form

Old check-lists are still available for youth still under the old standards.

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