My tunnel book was put together with bright colours that reflect summer, because I was born at that time. There are some stickers of sea creatures, because I love animals and the water. Flowers and butterflies also cover the lively walls of my tunnel book. These were added because I like flowers, and also because I have a large garden. There is some writing as well, such as equation signs because I like (and am good at) math. I also enjoy going to school, and learning new things. I also wrote the words “Canada” and “Iran”, because I was born in Iran and lived there for five years before moving to Canada. Other words such as “Coconut” or “Pearl” represent my pets. Coconut is my miniature poodle, and Mr. Pearl is my grey-wing budgie. My fish Flame is the only one missing. There are stickers of riding helmets, horseshoes, and foals on my tunnel book as well. These are shown to represent my passion for horses. Finally, I glued a small yellow chick in the corner of my tunnel book, because once in Iran I received a little chick that gradually became a hen.