Major commitment (creativity): My creativity commitment is art – I take an art class every week.

Time estimate: Approx. 1 year

Goal: My goal is to become good at art so I can draw things more realistically.

Major commitment (action): My major action commitment is swimming – I would like to finish level 10.

Time estimate: Approx. 1 year

Goal: My goal is to swim faster.

Major commitment (service): My major service commitment will be Me to We.

Time estimate: 1 year

Service commitment type: Global impact

Goal: My goal is to be more comfortable in doing service.


Minor commitment (creativity): My minor creativity commitment will be finishing my painting.

Time estimate: 2 days

Minor commitment (action): I suppose I could say that my minor action commitment would be a horseback riding camp.

Time estimate: 5 days

Goal: My goal is to improve my riding and jumping. I would also like to learn more on how to care for horses.

Minor commitment (service): Volunteer to become a helper at the introductory camp at the NSEC.

Time estimate: 5 days

Service commitment type: Local impact

Goal: My goal is to be able to work with others better.