I enjoyed going to Action 4 Esther because it gave me the opportunity to experience (to a lesser extent) the problems occurring in developing areas of the world. It was nice to “walk in someone else’s shoes” and to view the world from the perspective of somebody going through the wars in Sierra Leone because it allowed me to understand the importance of education. I loved seeing that people, such as Esther herself, are making such positive contributions to their societies despite the hardships they went through.

What I learned from this experience is it is important to understand the true value of education and family. I now know how fortunate I am to be going to an IB private school and to be living with my family in Canada. Having experienced what the children in Sierra Leone are experiencing opened my eyes and resulted me in learning that children my age are prohibited from having a proper childhood and are going through horrible things. Knowing this will encourage me to donate and to support Esther’s Echo.