Short Term Goals (title)

1. To read more than twice a week >> not achieved, because I did not create a schedule with reading as part of it.

2. To complete the C/A/S program on time >> achieved, as I completed all C/A/S requirements before the end of March.

3. To manage time more effectively >> not achieved, as I have realized that to do so I must create some kind of schedule for myself and push myself into not procrastinating.

Long Term Goal (title)

1. To become more accustomed with group work >> achieved; I now feel more comfortable working in groups.

2. To achieve a level 7 in at least one subject >> achieved; I received three level sevens.

3. To achieve at least a level 5 in P.E. >> achieved; I received exactly a level 5 in P.E. and an effort mark of “E”.

Collaborative Goal (title) (1)

1. To take the level 7 piano examination at the end of the year >> not achieved (yet); however I still have until the start of grade nine (late 2015).