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For the sake of simplicity and ease, I have decided to create two HTML code layouts to use for all of my C.A.S. reflections. This is the first of the two: on it are the reflections for all of my major C.A.S. commitments. Another will be coming soon, and on it I will have all of my minor C.A.S. reflections.
Participating in weekly Farsi classes has taught me the significance of perseverance; I’ve learned to value hard work over natural talent. If I don’t complete the homework my teacher assigns or pay attention in class, I won’t progress as much as other students who do. Even if I have a natural talent in languages (in this case, Farsi), students who work harder than me will soon surpass my abilities in reading and writing if I don’t work as hard as them to reach my full potential. In short, this is my real-life experience of the Tortoise and the Hare. 😉
Major Action Major Service
So far in lessons, I have learned that it is critical to remain calm at all times so as not to allow fear to take over. I’ve learned that if a horse is acting out (whether or not I am on it), I must avoid feelings of nervousness and listen to the instructions I am given, so that I learn how to handle/control a frightened/excited horse. Letting a surge of fear rush over me would make the situation worse, as losing confidence would make me weak and frighten/excite the horse even more. It is important never to give up or allow fear to take over!
During the time I have spent as part of the HeadsUp PeerAdvisors group, I have learned a lot about planning and organizing various events. I have realized that for one to be successful in planning an event, one must have many connections with others in order to obtain the necessary materials for that event. For example, we planned to create pink toques to celebrate Pink Day. The person who ordered the toques had to know which websites to use, who to talk to about where to keep the toques, etc. I also have noticed that the number of social connections one must have depends on the event. For small events, it is easy to have only one or two people do the job. For larger events, entire groups of people are needed.