During the four days I spent at the Academy of Tomorrow, I had a learning experience like no other. I feel the entire current system of education needs to be scrapped and replaced with one like that which I experienced at the Academy of Tomorrow. This is because I learned some very important LIFE skills there that will stick with me forever, such as the qualities of a good leader, knowing my values, highlighting and working hard at my strengths, and much more. Some of the challenges I faced in the experience lead me to realize the difference between fear and dislike, after which I questioned myself: am I really as confident as I am perceived to be (I have received quite a few comments from others regarding my apparent ‘confidence’ :p)? This small observation is nevertheless important and greater confidence is something I found out I need to work on, along with many other qualities and skills I may lack thereof. All in all, the Academy of Tomorrow has been a wonderful experience that has taught me quite a few significant life skills I will forever cherish.