About this Post Minor Creativity
For the sake of simplicity and ease, I have decided to create two HTML code layouts to use for all of my C.A.S. reflections. This is the second of the two: on it are the reflections for all of my minor C.A.S. commitments. The previous has all of my major C.A.S. reflections.
During the time I’ve spent in the art room, I’ve learned that it’s important to understand that not everybody will have the same skill level that I do in the arts. For example, some of the projects I’ve been assigned in class are too easy for me, but for others they are a challenge. This is important for me to know, as it will keep me from complaining about assignments. If I understand and respect everyone’s abilities, as well as my own, I will be able to complete tasks with peace of mind.
Minor Action Minor Service
So far in lessons, I have learned that I will only advance if I push myself, practice, and always abide by the instructor’s teachings. For example, I have not yet mastered the “snow-plow” stop on the ice. My instructor pointed out that my left leg/foot is dominant, and that in order to master this stop, I must focus on using both of my legs/feet equally. I will only achieve this with more practice and pushing myself to use that right leg more even if I stumble/fall momentarily.
I have chosen to change my minor service commitment to the Quest Food Exchange trip we took as an advising class. I value this trip because it has allowed me to see people’s true cooperative and loving nature in the service of others. Having had an opportunity to see how people can help others really increased my faith in humanity; many of the world’s problems can be easily solved, like hunger. For example, Quest Food Exchange has consecrated time and energy into gathering unwanted (but usable) foods and selling them at a low price for those out of work, experiencing financial difficulties, etc.