I was born the year 2001 in Tehran, Iran. There I lived for about six years and went to kindergarten and preschool, until my parents and I immigrated to Canada, where I started grade one.

Horses have been favourite animal for as long as I can remember, and my favourite sport is horseback riding (yes, that is a sport). Horseback riding is a dangerous sport, but I like it anyway. I love the feeling you get when your horse springs out of trot and into canter. Cantering is really fun, but that depends on which horse you’re on; some of them are lazy and don’t want to canter, and others are a little too excited. I also like to jump, despite the fact that I can’t jump very high. I can jump a fence that is only about one foot high, maybe give two or three inches (at trot and canter). Jumping is fun because it feels like you’re going over a hill… if you get what I mean. 🙂

Currently, I own a white female purebred miniature poodle named Coconut. She is very playful and a lot of fun to play with. I’m working on teaching her more tricks and commands. She’s very free-spirited and isn’t always the best listener.

I want to have the job of a geneticist after I graduate university, because I love genetics and would definitely like to have a career that makes a creative difference in the world.

PS: my brain doesn’t have a dominant side. I write with my right hand, pick things up and throw things with my left hand (I also press the space bar with my left thumb), and I am left-footed. My brain is quite balanced.

PS #2: PS stands for post-script.

101 things everybody should know about me:

1. I am quite talented in languages, and my writing in both English and Farsi is very good. I have a good vocabulary in both languages and I am learning French.

2. I consider myself to be rather shy.

3. I play the piano, flute, soprano and alto recorder. I play higher level pieces at the piano, but I do not have a definite level.

4. I love and ride horses. When my riding skills become strong enough that I can own/lease a horse, I will be able to start dressage and/or reining, depending on which I prefer at that time. I may even start liberty riding, sometimes known as free riding.

5. I do not enjoy territorial/invasion games. I prefer more individual sports such as horseback riding, badminton, swimming, and tennis. I am neither very good at playing tennis nor am I a fast swimmer, but my swimming technique is pretty good and with more experience I’ll grow to become a better tennis player.

6. I will not tell anybody who my favourite singer is.

7. I love crazy and coloured hair.

8. I’m a rather intelligent thinker and a good artist.

9. Manners and proper grammar and punctuation are important to me.

10. I have a lot of mood swings and I like to work with HTML codes and consider myself to be good at it.

11. This is the end of the list of 101 things everybody should know about me.

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