Essential Elements

Essential Agreements

1. Be inclusive of others.

2. Maintain adequate standards of courtesy and respect.


In my Explain Everything project about genes & chromosomes, I incorporated 3 of the concepts we use in school: form, function, and responsibility. I used responsibility when I spoke about how we should try to understand genes better, so that we can prevent mutations that may occur. I used form when I spoke about form when I explained how chromosomes work & what the different parts are. Lastly, function was used when I spoke about an autosomal recessive disorder.

Two other concepts that I could have incorporated are connection & causation. I could have incorporated causation when I talked about the autosomal recessive disorder, and connection when I showed the number of chromosome pairs other insects & animals have.


At the beginning of the year, I took action by trying to help the new students make some new friends. From our second unit of inquiry, I’ve become more aware of how struggles and conflicts can be shown through works of art. That inspired me to make a new painting. 🙂 I’m also becoming more open-minded to different cultures, as a result of learning about them this year and the previous one. I’ve also started to think about how I can help animals in need, such as adopting my next pet from a shelter or donating to funds helping endangered species.


Two of the PYP attitudes that I demonstrate well are curiosity & independence. I showed curiosity when I decided to research certain animals when I heard about genus and species being part of the classification system (such as dogs & horses). I also showed some curiosity when I wanted to find out whether or not a dog’s mouth is actually cleaner than a human’s. I showed independence on the Eastern USA trip, because I followed along with everyone else and took responsibility for all of my belongings. I also managed my time very well.

2 other attitudes that I would like to work towards are cooperation and confidence, because I feel that I could be more confident during and outside of school. I’ll try to be more cooperative by trying to involve myself more in group activities, because sometimes I might shy away. I’ll be more confident by taking some risks and doing things I might be slightly nervous about.


This term, I learned many things about the human body, microorganisms, and the classification system. At the beginning of the unit, someone brought something up about genus & species being in the classification system, so I thought I’d research that and I learned that in addition to having kingdoms, classes, orders, and families, there is also life, domain, phylum, genus, and species. Now I know how dogs, horses, and rabbits are classified. This is good for me to know because I want to be a vet someday. From our UOI Explain Everything projects, I learned many things about chromosomes & genes, such as what an autosomal gene disorder is. On the grade 7 shadow day, I learned how to convert fractions and decimal into percentages!

Transdisciplanary Skills

The transdisciplinary skill that I am good at is researching. Usually when we have a project or presentation due needing research I feel like I’m going to get a low mark, but then I see that I did my research very well. Sometimes when I’m researching a particular subject that I’m interested in, I become motivated to learn more about it. I study it more and eventually become highly knowledgeable about that topic.

From what I know about grade 7 on my shadow day, I think that I’ll need to boost my communication/social skills, because if I can’t turn in a project on time or I need to ask the teacher a question, I’ll have to do it myself. I think that I can also improve on my time management, because having multiple teachers and classes will mean having multiple assignments due on various days.

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