I demonstrated commitment and independence during exhibition. When my group and I realized that we were off track, I had to do two weeks’ worth of research in a short period of time, as well as contacting experts and putting together a skit. This shows commitment because I was committed to doing the work and putting aside other co-curricular activities. It also shows independence because I did my part by myself. I was being knowledgeable throughout exhibition, as I learned many things from the presentations. I was also a risk-taker, because I had to step out of my comfort-zone when contacting experts. I was always I shy and quiet person. I feel that I have improved on my communication and research skills, as I have become more comfortable with contacting strangers and looking up information on books as well as websites. I rarely used books, but now I have realized that they can contain more accurate information than the Internet.

When I started the PYP Programme, I thought to myself a couple times: when is this going to help me in life? But then, as we went into the exhibition process, I started to realize how all of the elements of the PYP can be related to real life. I noticed that the PYP Programme expands your thinking.

Based on my exhibition experience, I would advise the grade fives to think about how they are going to manage their time. I would also advise them to schedule group, mentor, and expert meetings. Organizing your work is also essential. Putting aside co-curricular activities that clash with exhibition is also necessary, as during that one month all that matters is exhibition. Staying healthy is another thing to keep in mind; if one member of the group becomes il on exhibition night, the entire presentation may collapse!

As a result of exhibition, some action that I will take is to bring my own reusable bag when shopping, and to think about the impact the items I purchase have on the environment. I will also make an attempt to take shorter showers and to eat local food.

I have learned how important time management and staying in touch with your group is. I feel that I work better in groups for large projects, as I can check with others to see if I am on-track and/or within deadlines.