Kes. That’s all Billy could think about. How could he? How could have Jud been so cruel as to kill his one joy in life? Billy jogged gloomily to his house. The jog soon became a sprint towards his bed. He grabbed the soft covers and pulled them over his head. Billy thought more and more about his deceased bird, now nothing more than a corpse buried beneath the ground. He heard a door slam shut. That must have been his mother. And now he was alone, yet again. Billy was too upset to eat, even if it was a small bag of chips and a can of pop. So, he lay down and closed his eyes to go to sleep. Maybe things would seem better tomorrow.

Billy collected his school supplies and shoved them carelessly into his bag. As Billy approached Kes’s grave, a tear ran down his cheek. He quickly wiped it off with his sleeve, and carried on his journey to school. As he passed other students through the hallways, he noticed a group of nasty looking boys huddled around each other. A small boy was in the centre of their circle, looking quite frightened. It seemed as if the bullies were trying to force the boy to do something. Whatever it was, the outcome would not be pleasant. As the group of bullies smirked and laughed, the boy trapped with them appeared more and more frightened.

Billy suddenly felt a rush of confidence flow through his body like a river flowing into the vast ocean. Billy marched up to the crowd and grabbed the young boy’s hand. He yanked him out, and as soon as he had done so, the bullies suddenly turned and sneered at Billy. The small boy quickly fled, and Billy simply stood there, astonished. As soon as he came to his right mind, he dashed to his next class.

After school, Billy strolled home slowly. He glanced quickly at where his beloved kestrel was buried, and continued on towards his house. His mother and brother were seated in the kitchen, and not one of them bothered to look up and say a simple “hello”. Just as Billy took of his bag and sat down, someone knocked on the door. He opened it, and to his surprise the young boy he had met earlier came in. Billy welcomed him inside, and they began a conversation. Soon, the two became friends, and Billy learned that the boy’s name was Jack. About a week later, Billy almost completely forgot about Kes. It seemed that he was in a much happier state having a friend to occupy him rather than having nobody to go to when he was feeling glum. In some ways, Jack was like a second Kes – Billy had a friend that could cheer him up during hard times. And so Billy’s life became much better, and the thought of the death of Kes left his mind.