Outdoor Education (Camp)

Grade 8 Camp Goals

This year in grade 8, the camping expedition will involve cooking and backpacking.

My camp goals for this year are:

1. To cook decent meals for my campmates. In order to ensure that I have done so, I will ask for their opinions.

2. To stay positive and to involve myself more in activities that require teamwork.

3. To keep a good attitude and to try my best throughout the hiking and backpacking.

Grade 7 Camp Goals

Tomorrow morning, we are leaving for grade 7 camp at Anvil Island.

1. My first goal for camp is to keep a positive attitude at all times. I have never had a good experience at camp, so I hope that this time things will be different. Even if a few things go wrong, I will try to stay positive.

2. I will try hard to keep up with the group, whether I’m unpacking/packing, hiking, or gathering my supplies.

3. My last goal for this year’s camp is to try my best in all of the activities that we do. I will involve myself in the discussions and group activities instead of sitting aside.

These are all of my goals for this year’s camp. I hope to have fun!

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