2014-2015 C/A/S Reflection Noº 3

I enjoyed going to Action 4 Esther because it gave me the opportunity to experience (to a lesser extent) the problems occurring in developing areas of the world. It was nice to “walk in someone else’s shoes” and to view the world from the perspective of somebody going through the wars in Sierra Leone because it allowed me to understand the importance of education. I loved seeing that people, such as Esther herself, are making such positive contributions to their societies despite the hardships they went through.

What I learned from this experience is it is important to understand the true value of education and family. I now know how fortunate I am to be going to an IB private school and to be living with my family in Canada. Having experienced what the children in Sierra Leone are experiencing opened my eyes and resulted me in learning that children my age are prohibited from having a proper childhood and are going through horrible things. Knowing this will encourage me to donate and to support Esther’s Echo.

2014-2015 C/A/S Reflection Noº 2

Another important lesson that I have learned from my horseback riding lessons is that it is important to forget the past and to stay in the present moment. During one of my lessons, I refused to canter because I felt that the horse I was on had too much energy. I recalled the lesson where I was on a horse with excessive energy that wouldn’t listen to me, and remembered that he caused me to fall during canter. With that memory, I held myself back when I really could have learned how to deal with an energetic horse. I now know that I should always listen to my instructor and never to hold myself back, because how will I ever learn if I’m constantly living the past?

2014-2015 C/A/S Reflection Noº 1

So far in lessons, I have learned that taking informed risks is important. I’ve learned that if I’m assigned a horse I’ve never ridden before, I shouldn’t judge its behaviour based on what I’ve seen and/or heard, but rather I should try out the horse for myself and make my decision based on my experiences. I’ve also learned that everybody in a community should do their fair share of work. Where I ride (at NSEC), it is asked of everybody that they give their horses a quick groom before and after riding, as well as cleaning their horse’s tack after the horse is back in its stall. However, it has come to my attention that some students choose not to groom their horses or clean the tack after lessons. If tack is not cleaned properly, it can get damaged over time. My take-away from this experience was that everybody in a community needs to do what is asked of them.


Major Creativity Major Action Major Service
  • Commitment: Farsi Class
  • Categories: Creativity
  • CAS Learning Outcome(s) Covered: New Skills
  • Time Commitment (estimate): 1 year
  • Goals: my goal is to improve in reading and writing in Farsi, and to learn new words. I’d also like to be ranked #1 again.
  • Commitment: Horseback Riding
  • Categories: Action
  • CAS Learning Outcome(s) Covered: Exploration
  • Time Commitment (estimate): 1 year
  • Goals: my goal is to learn at least how to canter without stirrups, and to become more comfortable with riding new horses.
  • Commitment: Change Makers Club
  • Categories: Service
  • CAS Learning Outcome(s) Covered: ‘Globalocal’ Impact
  • Time Commitment (estimate): 1 year
  • Service Commitment Type: 2. School-based initiative
  • Goals: my goal is to become more comfortable with doing service work outside of school.
Minor Creativity Minor Action Minor Service
  • Commitment: Open Art Room
  • Categories: Creativity
  • CAS Learning Outcome(s) Covered: Self-Awareness
  • Time Commitment (estimate): at the very least 2 days
  • Goals: my goal is to reflect upon and apply the skills that I have learned in my art class on Thursdays.
  • Commitment: Ice Skating
  • Categories: Action
  • CAS Learning Outcome(s) Covered: Self-Awareness/Commitment
  • Time Commitment (estimate): Approx. 4 months
  • Goals: my goal is to improve my skills in ice skating through trying new things. I’d also like to pass level 2 and to become more comfortable with doing crossovers.
  • Commitment: Action 4 Esther
  • Categories: Service
  • CAS Learning Outcome(s) Covered: Ethics/’Globalocal’ Impact
  • Time Commitment (estimate): 1 day
  • Service Commitment Type: 1. Local Impact
  • Goals: my goal is to get accustomed to doing service work, and to experience the reality of what is going on in developing countries.

Final MY-CAS Reflection

Pegah successfully answered the following questions in detail and did a filmed presentation during her CAS Final Reflections:

  1. Which of the 8 Learning Outcomes did you find the most interesting and of the most relevance to you? (Self-awareness. Exploration. Planning and Initiative. Collaboration. Commitment. ‘Global /Local Impact. Ethics. New Skills.) <Explain why>
  2. Of the CAS activities you engaged in this year, which was your favourite and why?
  3. From which activity do you feel you learned the most? Why?
  4. Identify one activity in CAS you want to do next year (may be a new or repeated activity). Why?
  5. FINALLY, share one of your more valuable or important or significant CAS experiences from this year in a creative presentation to class. Please include some kind of media or performance to engage your peers.

Well done! Look forward to next year… Have a great summer!

CAS Reflections

1. Major Service: Me to We

From this experience, I learned about all the ways that Mulgrave contributes to the world (collaboration). I also learned a little about different countries where people there aren’t as fortunate as we are. In Me to We, I noticed that a small group of tenth and ninth graders were the ones that were really taking charge of the club. Since I had nothing to do, I decided to quit. However, the experience also allowed me to become a little more accustomed to doing service around the school.

2. Major Action: Swimming

In my swimming lessons, I became aware of the fact that I was a slower swimmer than everybody else (self awareness). However, I had very good technique. From this, I learned that technique matters more than speed; I noticed that everybody else was just rushing through the water.

3. Major Creativity: Farsi Class

I’ve learned a lot from my experiences in Farsi class. I’ve ranked top student for a while now, and everybody in the class respects me and acknowledges me as one of the best students. Recently, my teacher told me that she wanted me to skip to grade three Farsi (I’m currently in grade two). There are two years per grade, so really I’d be skipping year two of grade two and year one of grade three. Even though I’m talented in Farsi and do quite well in class and on tests, I know that I don’t always do my homework :p. When I do review the lessons and complete my homework, however, I notice a huge difference on how I do in class. I guess that I can say that what I’ve learned from this experience is that studying and reviewing lessons is quite important, no matter what.

1. Minor Service: Vow of Silence

Vow of Silence was not difficult, but I learned that it is not so easy to stay completely silent for one day. I had to constantly be aware of the fact that I had to stay silent and not talk or laugh. Vow of Silence was a good opportunity for me to learn about other countries in which children could not speak their thoughts and opinions. I consider myself lucky to have rights.

2. Minor Action: Tennis

Personally, I don’t consider myself to be a very good tennis player. However, I’ve found that I’ve improved tremendously since I started playing. From this experience, I’ve learned that if I keep trying my best, I will gradually improve. I also learned that I should not expect to be good tennis player after a few lessons; I should be happy that I’ve improved and keep myself confident and trying my best.

3. Minor Creativity: Open Art Room

I enjoyed going to the open art room to work on projects or to just hang out and make art. I find that art is a great way to express myself, and I’ve noticed that sometimes my best artworks are produced incidentally. I’ve also learned that art is calming and that expressing sad or angry emotions through art can help to get rid of them.

CAS Goal Reflection

So far, I am working on three out of six goals: tennis lessons, Me to We, and art. I take tennis on Saturdays, Me to We is on Mondays at lunch, and my art class is on Sundays. I should finish with these goals by January or February; the tennis & art lessons will end by then.


Major commitment (creativity): My creativity commitment is art – I take an art class every week.

Time estimate: Approx. 1 year

Goal: My goal is to become good at art so I can draw things more realistically.

Major commitment (action): My major action commitment is swimming – I would like to finish level 10.

Time estimate: Approx. 1 year

Goal: My goal is to swim faster.

Major commitment (service): My major service commitment will be Me to We.

Time estimate: 1 year

Service commitment type: Global impact

Goal: My goal is to be more comfortable in doing service.


Minor commitment (creativity): My minor creativity commitment will be finishing my painting.

Time estimate: 2 days

Minor commitment (action): I suppose I could say that my minor action commitment would be a horseback riding camp.

Time estimate: 5 days

Goal: My goal is to improve my riding and jumping. I would also like to learn more on how to care for horses.

Minor commitment (service): Volunteer to become a helper at the introductory camp at the NSEC.

Time estimate: 5 days

Service commitment type: Local impact

Goal: My goal is to be able to work with others better.

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