Gr. 7 Term 1 Progress Report Reflection

Generally, I’m happy with my progress report marks. There is always room for improvement though, so I hope that my second term progress report is even better than this one! I feel that I did quite well in English, however I hope to see at least one or two 9-10 sections highlighted. English is one of my favourite and stronger subjects. I did well in math too, however I hope to achieve a 7-8 in knowledge and understanding. In science, I hope to see at more 5-6 areas highlighted, hopefully at least four. As for social studies, I hope that I see no 3-4 areas highlighted and at least one or two 7-8 areas highlighted. I feel that I did well in French, however I’d like to get some 7-8 areas highlighted. I’d like to start trying harder in P.E so that I see more 5-6 areas highlighted and hopefully no 3-4 areas highlighted. I think that I did pretty well in performing arts, however I’d like to see a 7-8 for personal engagement. As for design tech, I’d like to get a 5-6 area highlighted for research and analysis; I think I need to give better justifications for why my products are necessities. In life & learning, I’d like to get a ‘capable’ for communication. The same goes for my badminton elective, although for that I want a ‘capable’ in critical thinking.

Science Test Review

I think that I could have studied a bit harder, because I think that I only studied the night before the test using the practice quizzes and a little bit of review from the text book. I did not do the review page, which may have been quite useful. Despite my lack of studying, I received a 5/6 for criterion C and I scored 37.5/44 on the test. If I had studied harder, I probably would have scored a 39 on the test, or something close to that. On criterion C, I may have gotten a 5.5 or close to that. In general, I think that I will study harder for my next test.

My CAS Goal Reflection

I’m looking forward to my minor service goal because it will be nice to finally help younger kids with tacking up their horses. I’ll also be looking forward to Me to We, because I’ve never done this kind of service before and a new experience will be nice. Another goal that I think I will enjoy experiencing is my swimming goal; when I finish level 10, I will join the Otters and/or the Dolphins Dive Club. Over all, I think that it is good having some goals to work for.

Reflecting on my Speech

My speech was about how Chantecaille is a better company than Chanel, when considering cosmetics and skin care. Chantecaille is much better for three reasons: its use of natural products, no animal derivatives or testing, and its concern for endangered animals. Though my speech did not fully consider all audiences, the areas that I focused on did. I felt that I could have improved my speech by choosing a topic that I felt more passionate about. I know and have experienced the difference between work on a topic that I’m not passionate about and a topic that I am.

My Tunnel Book Reflection

My tunnel book was put together with bright colours that reflect summer, because I was born at that time. There are some stickers of sea creatures, because I love animals and the water. Flowers and butterflies also cover the lively walls of my tunnel book. These were added because I like flowers, and also because I have a large garden. There is some writing as well, such as equation signs because I like (and am good at) math. I also enjoy going to school, and learning new things. I also wrote the words “Canada” and “Iran”, because I was born in Iran and lived there for five years before moving to Canada. Other words such as “Coconut” or “Pearl” represent my pets. Coconut is my miniature poodle, and Mr. Pearl is my grey-wing budgie. My fish Flame is the only one missing. There are stickers of riding helmets, horseshoes, and foals on my tunnel book as well. These are shown to represent my passion for horses. Finally, I glued a small yellow chick in the corner of my tunnel book, because once in Iran I received a little chick that gradually became a hen.

My Math Reflection

Math Chapter 12: Fractions and Decimals

During this math unit, I enjoyed learning about operations with decimals. Not many parts were too challenging, however I did find that I got confused with which direction the decimal point moves when multiplying and dividing with powers of ten. I think that I did well, especially with adding, subtracting, and multiplying decimals. I think that I still need to work on having full concentration during a unit test. I know all the concepts, but it is easy for me to make a “silly mistake”. In this math unit, I learned many things, such as multiplying two decimals and rounding numbers to decimals of millions, billions, etc. Over all, I find that I did quite well on my math test. I understand all of the concepts and therefore follow-up work and review will not be necessary.

From Grade 6 2 7

From Grade 6 2 7

From Grade 6 2 7

After my trip to grade 6 camp, I have an idea of what grade seven will be like. We will have separate teachers for each subject. I must adjust myself to each teacher’s style of educating. Because we will be having numerous classes, I may receive a somewhat heavy amount of homework. Managing my time in between classes will be a vital part of grade seven, too.

Next year, we will be working with the Middle Years Programme. The PYP and MYP are very similar; the disciplines are the same. However, there are some differences. First, there is the A.O.I. (area of interaction) instead of the U.O.I. (unit of inquiry). The A.O.I. consists of four topics: Community and Service, Human Ingenuity, Health and Social Education, and Environments. The five essential elements from the U.O.I. can be applied to these. For example, Community and Service along with Environments involves action. Human Ingenuity has to do with knowledge, thinking and research skills. Health and Social Education connects to the social, self management and communication skills from the U.O.I. In P.E., we will play diversified games that improve our game play skills. There will be many new and inviting changes to our regular school routines.

Even though there may be some ‘bumps on the road’, I’m still glad to be transitioning to grade seven. I’m looking forwards to getting to know my teachers better. I enjoy the thought of the having the opportunity to read at recess. I feel that once we enter middle school, we are given more freedom to do as we please, more freedom to do our favourite activities, and more freedom to hang around anywhere in the school. I hope that my seventh grade experience will be as good as my sixth grade experience, and hopefully even better!

Exhibition: Through My Eyes

I demonstrated commitment and independence during exhibition. When my group and I realized that we were off track, I had to do two weeks’ worth of research in a short period of time, as well as contacting experts and putting together a skit. This shows commitment because I was committed to doing the work and putting aside other co-curricular activities. It also shows independence because I did my part by myself. I was being knowledgeable throughout exhibition, as I learned many things from the presentations. I was also a risk-taker, because I had to step out of my comfort-zone when contacting experts. I was always I shy and quiet person. I feel that I have improved on my communication and research skills, as I have become more comfortable with contacting strangers and looking up information on books as well as websites. I rarely used books, but now I have realized that they can contain more accurate information than the Internet.

When I started the PYP Programme, I thought to myself a couple times: when is this going to help me in life? But then, as we went into the exhibition process, I started to realize how all of the elements of the PYP can be related to real life. I noticed that the PYP Programme expands your thinking.

Based on my exhibition experience, I would advise the grade fives to think about how they are going to manage their time. I would also advise them to schedule group, mentor, and expert meetings. Organizing your work is also essential. Putting aside co-curricular activities that clash with exhibition is also necessary, as during that one month all that matters is exhibition. Staying healthy is another thing to keep in mind; if one member of the group becomes il on exhibition night, the entire presentation may collapse!

As a result of exhibition, some action that I will take is to bring my own reusable bag when shopping, and to think about the impact the items I purchase have on the environment. I will also make an attempt to take shorter showers and to eat local food.

I have learned how important time management and staying in touch with your group is. I feel that I work better in groups for large projects, as I can check with others to see if I am on-track and/or within deadlines.

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