Middle school teachers talked to grade six about the middle school. I have developed some new understandings since then about the MYP. In the MYP, you have to be more independent and responsible for yourself, classes, homework, and assignments. I learned that the areas of interaction are a main focus of the MYP programme. It’s like putting on different lenses that specifically stand out certain areas. The five areas of interaction are human ingenuity, inventions or technology made by humans; environment, service and social education, community and service, and how people approach to learning. We can use our knowledge about the different areas of interaction later in life because it can be useful to know.

Although the MYP and PYP are whole two separate programmes, in some parts of them there is a lot in common. Each of the areas of interaction connects with some part of the PYP. The areas of interaction connect with the transdisciplinary skills. There are different systems at school, in design technology, the MYP has a certain system too. Both have different systems. Also, we are still graded by levels just like in the PYP programme. Transitioning into the middle school is just like moving up a level for synchronized swimming. It’s difficult, different, and daring.

Although I’m sad that it is my last year in the PYP programme, I am looking forward to next year. The first thing I’m looking forward too is the electives because you can choose whatever ones you want and follow your passion. I bet all the electives are having a competition to see which students most like! I’m also excited for physical education next year because there are four fantastic fragments. I am very anxious for next year. I am not quite ready for next year. I am excited for next year.

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