Spring Break

So far spring break has been a really nice break from school! Over the break I have been taking on some service commitments as well as keeping up with my DPA. On the 16th of March, I went to a volunteer training session for a thing called Solegirls. This is a club that they have in the junior school. My sister has been in it for a full year now. She really enjoys it and she is more comfortable about herself, who she is and how to act at certain times when dealing with different situations in her home life and school life. I have already helped out for the 2nd term of the junior school. The founder/coach comes in from outside of school to run the club. Her name is Ashley Wiles. The vision of Solegirls is to: “Empower girls with tools to live healthy, active lives and create a community where girls are respected, encouraged, included and supported to accomplish goals, build their confidence, and embrace their inner beauty!” Overall, during this day, I had so much fun making new friends and learning more about Solegirls and how to show more leadership when helping out.

Check out more about Solegirls from this website: www.solegirls.org

My other service activity that I have been doing during the break is volunteering at our mosque. It is called a Jamat Khana.  It has been a really busy week at mosque becuase it was Navroz on the 21st. Navroz is our new year. Kids and youth volunteers help out with many things on this night, whether it is cleaning up or greeting people. It is a really good opportunity to take on. I don’t just volunteer on special occasions, I volunteer at least once a week. Most days, I end of going to Jamat Khana on Friday’s or Saturday’s.

This week, my sister and I are also doing a volleyball camp to improve our skills and just to stay active. I tend to get restless over breaks if I don’t stay active. I am also continuing with swimming over the break.

Overall, my spring break has been awesome so far! I still have one more week though!

cartoon-volleyball-7 download Sole-Girls

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