Updated CAS

Major Action:

Synchronized Swimming- at the beginning of May, summer season began. I am swimming at this swim club called NVC, it stands for North Vancouver Cruisers. We are going to be finding out our teams and starting our routines in 2 weeks!

Basketball- I was on the Grade 7B basketball team this year and our coaches were CJ and Vic from Grade 11. I learned many new skills and had a lot of fun on the teams. We placed 2nd at our tournament.

Volleyball- I was also on the volleyball team. Our coach was Ms.Bingham and we all had a lot of fun waking up every morning at 6am to get to practice on time.

Solegirls- I volunteer at this club in the junior school called Solegirls. Although I volunteer at this club, it also incorporates running with the kids. I have been doing this club since the beginning of term 2.

Active for Life- this is my Wednesday elective and we have done sports and activities such as rock climbing, snow shoeing, ice skating, hiking, lawn bowling, indoor bowling and curling. It has been a lot of fun because I love doing different types of sports we don’t get to experience at school.

Major Service:

Volunteering at Solegirls- This happens every Friday from 2-4 and I help out with activities and talk to the girls there.

Volunteering at mosque- I volunteer at Jamat Khana every Friday or Saturday and it is great because it makes you feel great when you help others out.

MPS- Although we haven’t gathered a lot of information during the year about the students opinions, we set up a poll recently and also set up a town hall where we gathered feedback and questions from the students of how to make Mulgrave better..

Minor Service:

Vow of Silence- I successfully completed the vow of silence for the school day. I found it a challenge not to talk because talking is how I keep myself preoccupied and that is also how we interact with others around us.

Open House- In the winter, I volunteered to do an open house and showed a Grade 7 student around the school. We also explained to her about IB, CAS, edublogs and much more.

Major Creativity:

Concert Band- Although I missed the Whistler Cantando Festival, we are right now practicing for the Arts-appaloosa. We are playing four pieces there. The pieces are: Star Wars, Ancient Echoes, Newfoundland and  Funeral March.

Concert Choir- In choir, we are also practicing for the Arts-appaloosa. We are going to sing the Mass Choir song (which I don’t know yet), Stand by Me and probably this song called Pure Imagination.

Art of Today- This is an elective I am in. Every week, there is a new project that we do. I like this elective because I can explore different mediums of art which I never do.

Journalism- This is also one of my electives and we make mini videos on events that are happening during school. Currently, we are making a mini video about the, “Grade 12 IB Art Exhibition”. We also learned how to use this program called Final Cut Pro and we learned how to edit.

Minor Creativity:

Arts-appaloosa- This concert is happening on Wednesday. We are show casing our knowledge about African music and culture.

Christmas Concert- Concert that was so much fun in December! Our hard work preparing for this concert totally payed off!


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