Final Reflection

The year is almost over and now it is time to reflect on my learning outcomes of CAS and how I have developed my knowledge from the beginning of the year, till now. I joined different activities for the fun of it, little did I know I was learning so much at the same time. Through all the different activities I have been doing, all of them have resulted as very educational, fun, learning experiences for me. Over the course of the year, I did many team sports such as  synchro, basketball and volleyball. These action commitments made me improve my collaboration with others on the team as well as improving my skills for the sport. Not only did developing the skill of collaboration helped me with sports, it also helped me collaborate during group projects with other classmates. Some service commitments I did over the year was MPS and volunteering at mosque and at Solegirls. From service activities like these, I have developed the CAS learning outcome, planning and initiative and ethics.  Creativity commitments such as band and choir helped me take my mind off academics so I could focus more on other things. From these commitments, I have developed new knowledge about these topics greatly. Overall, from my CAS commitments, I have had a lot of fun and I have learned many things.

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