Basketball Season

Basketball season has almost come to an end. Our tournament is next Tuesday at Mapleridge. I have been sick this whole week so I have missed two practices. I will try to catch up on the weekend and next practice. The first game we played was against Collingwood. In the end, we beat Collingwood 22-0 and everyone was really happy with that. I scored 5 baskets and assisted 3. The following week, we played Southpointe School. Although the drive was long, it was a fun game. This team way very aggressive and they had a lot of tall players. We tried our best though and in the end we lost 19-10. The next practice, we improved our defense because that was the main thing we needed to work on. After two weeks we went to Southridge for a game. In the end, we lost 21-14. I found that in this game we were getting more breakaways and we were taking more shots. With only half a week left in our basketball season, I am very excited to win as many games as possible at our tournament and become hopefully first!