Final Reflection

The year is almost over and now it is time to reflect on my learning outcomes of CAS and how I have developed my knowledge from the beginning of the year, till now. I joined different activities for the fun of it, little did I know I was learning so much at the same time. Through all the different activities I have been doing, all of them have resulted as very educational, fun, learning experiences for me. Over the course of the year, I did many team sports such as  synchro, basketball and volleyball. These action commitments made me improve my collaboration with others on the team as well as improving my skills for the sport. Not only did developing the skill of collaboration helped me with sports, it also helped me collaborate during group projects with other classmates. Some service commitments I did over the year was MPS and volunteering at mosque and at Solegirls. From service activities like these, I have developed the CAS learning outcome, planning and initiative and ethics.  Creativity commitments such as band and choir helped me take my mind off academics so I could focus more on other things. From these commitments, I have developed new knowledge about these topics greatly. Overall, from my CAS commitments, I have had a lot of fun and I have learned many things.

Updated CAS

Major Action:

Synchronized Swimming- at the beginning of May, summer season began. I am swimming at this swim club called NVC, it stands for North Vancouver Cruisers. We are going to be finding out our teams and starting our routines in 2 weeks!

Basketball- I was on the Grade 7B basketball team this year and our coaches were CJ and Vic from Grade 11. I learned many new skills and had a lot of fun on the teams. We placed 2nd at our tournament.

Volleyball- I was also on the volleyball team. Our coach was Ms.Bingham and we all had a lot of fun waking up every morning at 6am to get to practice on time.

Solegirls- I volunteer at this club in the junior school called Solegirls. Although I volunteer at this club, it also incorporates running with the kids. I have been doing this club since the beginning of term 2.

Active for Life- this is my Wednesday elective and we have done sports and activities such as rock climbing, snow shoeing, ice skating, hiking, lawn bowling, indoor bowling and curling. It has been a lot of fun because I love doing different types of sports we don’t get to experience at school.

Major Service:

Volunteering at Solegirls- This happens every Friday from 2-4 and I help out with activities and talk to the girls there.

Volunteering at mosque- I volunteer at Jamat Khana every Friday or Saturday and it is great because it makes you feel great when you help others out.

MPS- Although we haven’t gathered a lot of information during the year about the students opinions, we set up a poll recently and also set up a town hall where we gathered feedback and questions from the students of how to make Mulgrave better..

Minor Service:

Vow of Silence- I successfully completed the vow of silence for the school day. I found it a challenge not to talk because talking is how I keep myself preoccupied and that is also how we interact with others around us.

Open House- In the winter, I volunteered to do an open house and showed a Grade 7 student around the school. We also explained to her about IB, CAS, edublogs and much more.

Major Creativity:

Concert Band- Although I missed the Whistler Cantando Festival, we are right now practicing for the Arts-appaloosa. We are playing four pieces there. The pieces are: Star Wars, Ancient Echoes, Newfoundland and  Funeral March.

Concert Choir- In choir, we are also practicing for the Arts-appaloosa. We are going to sing the Mass Choir song (which I don’t know yet), Stand by Me and probably this song called Pure Imagination.

Art of Today- This is an elective I am in. Every week, there is a new project that we do. I like this elective because I can explore different mediums of art which I never do.

Journalism- This is also one of my electives and we make mini videos on events that are happening during school. Currently, we are making a mini video about the, “Grade 12 IB Art Exhibition”. We also learned how to use this program called Final Cut Pro and we learned how to edit.

Minor Creativity:

Arts-appaloosa- This concert is happening on Wednesday. We are show casing our knowledge about African music and culture.

Christmas Concert- Concert that was so much fun in December! Our hard work preparing for this concert totally payed off!


Spring Break

So far spring break has been a really nice break from school! Over the break I have been taking on some service commitments as well as keeping up with my DPA. On the 16th of March, I went to a volunteer training session for a thing called Solegirls. This is a club that they have in the junior school. My sister has been in it for a full year now. She really enjoys it and she is more comfortable about herself, who she is and how to act at certain times when dealing with different situations in her home life and school life. I have already helped out for the 2nd term of the junior school. The founder/coach comes in from outside of school to run the club. Her name is Ashley Wiles. The vision of Solegirls is to: “Empower girls with tools to live healthy, active lives and create a community where girls are respected, encouraged, included and supported to accomplish goals, build their confidence, and embrace their inner beauty!” Overall, during this day, I had so much fun making new friends and learning more about Solegirls and how to show more leadership when helping out.

Check out more about Solegirls from this website:

My other service activity that I have been doing during the break is volunteering at our mosque. It is called a Jamat Khana.  It has been a really busy week at mosque becuase it was Navroz on the 21st. Navroz is our new year. Kids and youth volunteers help out with many things on this night, whether it is cleaning up or greeting people. It is a really good opportunity to take on. I don’t just volunteer on special occasions, I volunteer at least once a week. Most days, I end of going to Jamat Khana on Friday’s or Saturday’s.

This week, my sister and I are also doing a volleyball camp to improve our skills and just to stay active. I tend to get restless over breaks if I don’t stay active. I am also continuing with swimming over the break.

Overall, my spring break has been awesome so far! I still have one more week though!

cartoon-volleyball-7 download Sole-Girls

First Term Reflection

Term One Reflection

NAME: Raiyana Alibhai

1.     Balanced is the LEARNER PROFILE attribute that best describes me because I do a variety of commitments in all areas of CAS. Some examples are MPS, band and swimming. I also work hard in my academics and always try my hardest in all subject areas. I try my best in everything I do. If I am weaker at one area than another, I try to learn from mistakes and do better next time.

2.    the most important thing I learned this term was to use my time wisely and stay organized because there are so many different subjects in the middle, I always need to stay on top of things and be organized and I need to know my due dates for all the homework and assignments.

3.    My major service commitment is volunteering at my mosque. I decided to be part of this commitment because I already go to mosque once or twice a week and I already have been volunteering at the mosque since Grade 1 or 2. The most valuable skill I have learned to put other people’s needs in front of yours.

4.    List the action commitments you have participated in or are participating in:

At school                                                        Outside of school

Volleyball                                                                          synchronized swimming

Basketball                                                                           speed swimming

5.    My favourite action commitment is synchronized swimming because I am able to practice figures and be with my friends. We also do team routines in the summer. Last year our theme was Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. This year as a challenge, my friend and I are going to do a duet. When you do a duet, you and your partner needs to make the whole duet alone and independently and the coaches’ job is to make constructive criticism about the routine.

6.   My major creativity commitment is band.  From this commitment, I have learned how to play my clarinet better with better tone.

7.    Reflect on your MYP Core academic classes:

(How do you think you did and why; make sure to add the level you think you might achieve and your effort level?)


I think I would get a 5E in Social Studies because I have handed in all my work on time and I have worked hard in all my projects.

English 5E

I think I would get a 5E in English is because I read a lot which improves my vocabulary and because I am a creative writer.

Math 5E

I think I would get a 5E in math is because I study for tests and I always do all the homework assigned.

Science 6E

I think I would get a 6E in science is because I have worked really hard on my lab report for science fair and I have been putting a lot of effort into this subject especially because it is one of the newer subjects that we didn’t have in junior school.

Lang B 5S

I think I would get a 5S in French is because I pay attention in class and I study for tests/quiz’s.


I think I would get a 5E is PE is because I participate in all the activities and I never forget my uniform.


I think I would get a 6E in DT is because I put effort into each and every one of the DT stages. I got a six in my first DT project as well.

Performing Arts 4S

I think I would get a 4S in performing arts is because I don’t have much confidence in front of groups of people.

8.    Reflect on one academic goal you set at the beginning of the year.  Were you successful? Why or why not?

I do not think I have accomplished my goal because I haven’t been doing any public speaking in English lately.

9.   A passion that I have is synchronized swimming and hanging out with family.

In order to continue to pursue this passion I will need to: continue to be committed to practices and try my hardest and to finish homework quickly on the weekends.