Tunnel book reflection

Everything on my tunnel book describes something special to me or my family. In the first layer, the birds that are in different positions represent how life is, harmony, sweetness,and beauty. My mom,dad and sister represent how they are so important, caring and loving to me. The eye doctor chart represents my uncle who is an optometrist. There is a cruisers sign because that’s the swim club I do all year around for synchro. In the summer, I do speed, synchro and sometimes diving. I have me in my synchronized swimming suit because it’s m favourite sport. Last summer, me team came fourth in the provincials. At swimming meets, the water is freezing cold. My family calls me a water baby because I love the water so much. I have a popcorn bowl because every year we go to Disney on ice and get popcorn that tastes so delicious. I have a picture of a nurse because my moms a nurse and my grandpa works for a pharmacy. Playing the clarinet and piano is two of my passions! My first name means, guardian or protector.

In the second layer, the two eggs represent my good friends outside of school. The basketball in the hoop interprets that I like to play basketball. One of my favourite foods is sushi. I have pet African dwarf frogs named Tarzan and Twinky. I love reading. My favourite series is Percy Jackson because the books are suspenseful, has happy endings, and scary sometimes. I love picturing the ideas in my head because that helps me to understand it better. I am an Shia Ismali Muslim. Although I don’t have a dog, I am dying to have one! A couple years ago, I went to Disney land and then I started liking roller coasters. A roller coaster doesn’t only represent fun, it represents the hills and valleys in life. The good and hard times. The happy and sad times. The fun and not so great times. Flowers and butterfly’s make me feel as light as a feather and happy. I love the bright colours of nature. I have a picture of the ballroom at the Marriot because one year ago, my aunt got married there and my sister and I got to be the flower girls! In my family, ice cream makes everyone feel happy! My middle name means light and splender.

In the third layer, I have the Collingwood and Mulgrave symbols. In Kindergarten I went to Collingwood, then the year after I moved to Mulgrave! I have a picture of some chicks because my dad and his family owns a farm in Kamloops. My favourite restaurant is KOBE because I find it fun to watch them make the food right in front of you. I have a sun in the top right corner. Sun is always in every corner even if you don’t see it. Sun also represents summer with the sunny beaches, warm weather, and most of all..no rain! Also in the summer, Inaya and I put the sprinkler under the trampoline and then it sprays all over us. When there is no wind and very hot weather, doing that is one of the best way’s for me to cool off! Then, we would have popsicles on the trampoline and just relax and have fun in the sun.

At the back of the tunnel book, there is a picture of me when when I was five having a parrot on my arm. We went to Hawaii almost every year since I was one. When I was five in Hawaii, I also fractured my arm. That was not very fun. I was on the monkey bars, I let go and I fell on it. After that incident, I was more careful when I went on them. I loved going on playgrounds when I was little. My aunt always called me “Raiyana Banana!” All the pictures on my tunnel book is a puzzle piece. Life is a puzzle and can’t be completed without the other pieces.