Electives (September, October, November)

My electives that I am doing this year are Journalism, Active for Life and Art of Today. I like all my electives. In Journalism, we are interviewing people about the cafeteria and getting different opinions about it. Right now in Active for Life, we are doing Rock Climbing and I am really enjoying it. Next week, we are going to start snow shoeing. I think this elective is the right choice for me because I love doing different types of sports that we don’t get to do at school. Right now in Art of Today we are making personal logo’s we can stick on t-shirts. I think this elective is good for me because I like making art and crafts . I don’t like drawing but I like making art and crafts. Also, this elective will improve my visual arts skills because I am not very good at that subject. I am really glad we are doing electives this year because electives can focus on the areas we are most interested in and it can focus on areas that we enjoy the most that doesn’t necessarily relate to school work. For the rest of the year, I am going to have a fun, enjoyable, learning experience in my electives.