Math Reflection, April 2013

I find that I’m a good mathematician if I know the concept and practice it. Chapter 11 was about operating decimals. I really found this math unit fun, interesting and challenging. My favourite part about this unit was multiplying by powers of ten because it’s fun and easy. I also liked adding more than two decimals in problem solving questions. I found dividing decimals at first was really challenging, I learned how to do it eventually. In other grades, we learned that if we have to turn a fraction into a decimal, we make it a power of ten then change it into a decimal. In this unit, I learned that it’s faster to just divide the numerator by the denominator. I also learned that when I am dividing, sometimes the number is recurring so I have to put a bar over the part that’s recurring. In general, I feel that I do pretty good in test performances. If I get a mistake, I know what I did wrong and learn from my mistakes in tests. Whenever I do math, I always try my best to get the right answers and always try to finish my homework given to me. I am very excited to learn more concepts.