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Final reflection

This is my last year in Mulgrave.

To be honest, I really do not like high school. But I cherish what I have in Mulgrave.

I am facing depression since last year. But the encourage and consideration from teachers warm my heart, making me feel safe in this environment. Now I have finished what I have to do, and I get the offer from my dream school. I cannot forget the things Ms.Collins and Ms.Noland Wood did to cheer me up, I love them. I appreciate all the help and love I have. I really do.

Thank you, Mulgrave.

My learning process

I really enjoy geography and ESS(environmental science and society) class due to they can provide the worldwide study. As I said, I love sociology, even I cannot get high marks on these two classes, but I still love what I have learned.

For music, I still think it is challenging and sometimes I even do not know what are we doing.  Basically, we need to learn different time period’s works. It requires a certain study of music history as well.  Combined musical theory, musical history, and musical performance. This is a really challenging class!

English used to be my priority because my English is not good and we all know IB English has high requirements.  But after I had done my IOP and IOC, and the scores satisfied my need. I become less worried.

Math and Mandarin class are not very difficult for me, I can totally handle them.

TOK and extend essay

I personally like TOK class very much because I loving thinking and I really love sociology. Tok class provides you time to think deeply and also offers you many vivid ways to approach one question. Sometimes we have narrow mind or bias for one specific opinion, but this is the class for us to break the traditional rules.

I wrote my extend essay based on few poems I really love. To study those poems, I need to explore the culture behind them and understand the poet. The more I learned, the deeper thesis I can make.

CAS: gym

I go to gym at least twice a week depends on my schedule and I really enjoy every minute there.  I go to the gym not only because I want to be prettier and thinner, and also I want to maintain my high productive life.  Workout is a way for me to get up early and eat healthily. I do not like to do anaerobic exercises like heavy lifting, I am more enjoying to do running which can provide me time to think.

CAS: local service

Envision Vancouver is a non-profit organization that seeks to find a solution to homelessness. We sold the homemade jam to support youth on the streets of Vancouver. The group’s aim is to raise public awareness and it also makes me realize the contribution I can make to society.

We spent nearly 10 hours for making the jams and packaging them. 

And I am really proud of what we have done.

CAS: Long-term volunteering service

My mother and I already lived in Vancouver for three years,  I am here to study, but my mom is here because of me. Since my mom’s English is not very good and I really do not want her to feel lonely. So  I joined a local association aims to help and unite local Chinese called West Vancouver Chinese association. In this association, I found out there are some many parents are facing the same situation as my mom does. In addition, we are working towards protecting Chinese Canadians’ citizen rights and contributes to their sense of community.

CAS : performance

To complete my IB music, I need to record my performance. This year I am planning to do at least 5 songs to make my portfolio diverse. I chose four different cultures/languages (English, Korean, Japanese and Chinese) and multiple genres, including blues, folk songs, theater and so on.

Besides school, I am working with my friend to record some songs for fun, and here is one example: https://www.instagram.com/p/BMvg7NRhCx8/?taken-by=jayzhouuu&hl=en. It feels so different when you work with your friend, and that is more challenge than I thought.


CAS : vocal practice and guitar learning

In school, I am taking IB music which requires musical talents and high-quality performance. I am not a music nut or genius, I chose this class only because I think I can sing a little. So when I realize my classmates are all really great, or even professional, in this area, I am a little frustrating. Then I just do my best to catch up! I go to vocal training once a week and practice guitar around three times a week, depend on my schedule. To learning one instrument requires fundamental music theory, and practice guitar is a way for me to explore it.

Therefore, I am slowly catching up my class and now I can do some great performance in class!

Goals for grade 12

This is my final year in high school and Mulgrave, I am so excited about it. I already started to plan my life since summer vacation, and I am looking forward to seeing how much I can achieve. Basically, I planned on two different areas, life and school.

To acheive my CAS this year, I will continue doing what I have done last year. Do yoga and go gym regularly, practice singing weekly. For volunteering, I am hoping to find a new organization which can fit my schedule or maybe start one with my friends.

To maintain high efficient working, I really need to get enough sleeps and get up early to get ready for my day, as well as do some readings before I sleep. With regular workouts, I think my life will become easier and productive.

In general, I will try my best to make my life healthy and controllable. And I hope I can improve my grades then go to my dream university: University of Toronto.

May reflection – prepare for final

We have a reading week to prepare for final, and I am planning to review two subjects: geography and environmental sciences and societies. The are the weakest subjects I have and I really need to work on it. I missed the whole paper 1 (38 lessons) of geography, so I plan to review 4 lessons a day to catch up. For ESS, I plan to neaten all my notes and search for cases studies.

My geography teach says our predict marks all depend on final, so it worth a trying.

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