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CAS: gym

I go to gym at least twice a week depends on my schedule and I really enjoy every minute there.  I go to the gym not only because I want to be prettier and thinner, and also I want to maintain my high productive life.  Workout is a way for me to get up early and eat healthily. I do not like to do anaerobic exercises like heavy lifting, I am more enjoying to do running which can provide me time to think.

Reflection 2- Action Badminton

I am not very good at sports, but when I realize all the students can play sports well, I need to practice myself. The reason I chose badminton is I used to play it with my mom, and it is very fun.

I play badminton every Friday at 7:00 pm for an hour in St.Johns school. The major coach used to win first prize in international competition. My coach is her son who plays it  as  well as she does.

In the class, he teaches me some base skills and I practice them over and over again. When a I finished the class, I always felt tired and did not want to move.

I am getting stronger during practices, and I also some learn strategies.

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