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Goals for 2015/2016

Personal goals


1. reading 20 minutes at lease everyday.

Based on the investigation from scientist,  we need at least 90 days  to development a habit. Reading 20 minutes everyday not only to gain knowledge, but is also a method for me to build good reading habit.

2. sleep at least 7 hours.

The pressure from school pushes me to work hard, even sometimes I feel guilty when I am sleepy. For my own healthy and the positive attitude toward study, sleep at least 7 hours can guarantee my learning efficiency.

3. go to school everyday without exceptions.

I missed lots of classes last year due to my personal issue. So I decide to attendant at school everyday without exceptions. Based on that, I can easily catch up the classes and follow every step.

4.  do homework and hand in on time.


5. lost weight to 48kg.



CAS Goals:



1. go to gym twice a week/ do yoga.

2. join the badminton team.



1. Choir(major) – Every Tuesday and Thursday at Mulgrave school.

2. find a guitar tutor and practice everyday.



1. volunteer(major) – do volunteer activity in local commitment.


My goals-2014

1. Can read through  and understand newspaper without translator.

2.  Lost weight to 48 kg and  become 160 cm.

3. Can chat with others clearly.

4. Make at least 10 English friends.


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