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CAS : performance

To complete my IB music, I need to record my performance. This year I am planning to do at least 5 songs to make my portfolio diverse. I chose four different cultures/languages (English, Korean, Japanese and Chinese) and multiple genres, including blues, folk songs, theater and so on.

Besides school, I am working with my friend to record some songs for fun, and here is one example: https://www.instagram.com/p/BMvg7NRhCx8/?taken-by=jayzhouuu&hl=en. It feels so different when you work with your friend, and that is more challenge than I thought.


Reflection 1- Creative Choir(major)

Reflection – Creative choir (major)


I love singing very much, so the first club I chose is choir. I go choir every Tuesday 8:00 and Thursday 7:30 morning, and I am in soprano.

When I first got there, I was very nervous because I knew none of the songs, I have not heard of these before. All the students were danced during some songs happily, they enjoyed it. So I relaxed myself to join them, then I realized it was super interesting. I get used to this gradually, and now, I can sing it without looking at the paper.

The atmosphere in choir is very sweet and relax, and it decrease my nervous that first mouth in Mulgrave. Unconsciously, I am in this family. Choir not only gives me some knowledge about how to singing, but also tells me how to collaborate with others.

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